近日,英国景观行业协会(British Association of Landscape Industries,简称BALI)公布了2018年度国家景观奖(BALI National Landscape Awards)的获奖名单。固安中央公园项目荣获本届的国际奖(International Awards)。

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The standard of the entries submitted this year has been phenomenal. The adjudicators spent three long days here at Landscape House reviewing all the entries and ultimately agreeing the winners in each category. As a winner in the International Award category you have demonstrated exemplary standards of professional excellence which is a tremendous achievement. All the team at Landscape House congratulate you and your team on your fantastic accomplishment.


The purpose of the BALI Awards is two-fold: firstly, to encourage our members to continually strive for excellence and, once achieved, have that achievement recognised by the wider industry; and secondly, to promote beyond the industry the outstanding work undertaken by BALI member’s year on year. Winning a BALI National Landscape Award is not only hugely motivating for those involved but it is also a very effective marketing tool when promoted on your website and through the local, national and trade media. Please do ensure you use this as a marketing opportunity to share your success.


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在项目的建设过程中,华夏幸福以城市功能完善、 生态环境优美的建设目标。明确以“人”为本,所有的场地设施都应首先解决使用者的需求。在实施过程中,严控质量,把细节要求明确到位,最终呈现出一个生态的,活力的开放性城市公园。

Beijing’s satellite city, Gu’An, features agrand Central Park as a natural respite in the midst of a growing urbansetting. The 205,000m2park is located adjacent to residential and mixed-use developments. ThePark’s numerous recreational activities, water features, and gently-sloped greenexpanses, draw visitors to a community-centered open space which useseco-friendly design for an environmentally friendly impact. The park is a lively,engaging, and a sustainable set of urban landscapes that respond sensitively,in a contemporary manner, to the community’s needs.

Recognizing residents' needs for local community interaction and recreation, the designers created a new city landmark with great care and intention. Gu’an Central Park has created a completely green eco-system within the city and a park that responds sensitively, and in a contemporary manner, to the needs of the community.


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The location of Gu’an Central Park offers a natural respite in the midst of a growing urban setting. It is now the central park, and primary gathering place for residents of Gu’an. The park is conveniently located adjacent to residential housing developments and mix-use community districts. The park’s numerous recreational facilities, water features, and gently sloped green expanses, draw locals and visitors to a community-centered open space. An important design feature of the park is its many entrances and exits from the surrounding streets. Where most parks in china restrict access, this park was designed as an easily accessible community park.

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The park’s design facilitatesstorm water management on site, allowing rain water to collect throughdesignated waterways, thus contributing to ecological and environmentalprotection initiatives. As a focal point, a substantial water feature solves the challenge of limited construction depthover a parking garage. It not only functions as a calm reflectingpool but can also be punctuated with fountain jets and fog misters, while itsshallow, edgeless basin invites interactive play.  Running and walking paths for physical fitnessand casual enjoyment, along with Wi-Fi pavilions sprinkled among the openspaces are popular visitor attractions.  Visitorscan also charge devices using camouflaged outdoor outlets, and use the built-intechnology to learn about the park’s many amenities.

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One of the design obstacles which the clientoutlined was a concealed underground carpark which limited construction andplantation above it.To resolve two issues at once, the designers placed thewater feature here, resulting in a large reflecting pool which is a prominentfeature at the west end of the park. The pool is now a popular destination forvisitors in the warm summer months.  Itwelcomes visitors for interactive play within the water as the edgeless shallowpool maintains a 3cm depth facilitating easy and safe play.  Synchronized water columns as well as fogemitters add to the ambiance of the fountain plaza and create atmospherics ineach season. The pool is designed so it can be quickly drained for the wintermonths or to open the plaza for large events. With a limited soil dept abovethe garage, the plaza and interactive reflecting pool was a conscientiousdesign initiative that resulted in the most populardestination within the park.



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The location ofGu’an Central Park offers a natural respite in the midst of a growing urbansetting. It is now the central park, and primary gathering place for residentsof Gu’an. The park is conveniently located adjacent to residential housingdevelopments and mix-use community districts. The park’s numerous recreationalfacilities, water features, and gently sloped green expanses, draw locals and visitors to a community-centered open space. An important design featureof the park is its many entrances and exits from the surrounding streets. Wheremost parks in china restrict access, this park was designed as an easilyaccessible community park.

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The site hasundergone a complete transformation since its inception. The designers havecreated a lush green, sustainable ecosystem. The land has become a vibrantgarden teeming with plant life. Visitors can now easily enjoy the park’s largeareas of dense plants, grassland, lakes, and other natural features. Of thepark’s 205,000 square-meter area, 150,000 sq.meter have beendedicated to ecosystem restoration.

A modern park within Gu’an required the ability of connectivity, so thepark offers five WIFI pavilions, creating a smart and energizing space forvisitors to connect. Visitors can also recharge devices using camouflagedoutdoor outlets and use the built-in technology to learn about the park’s manyamenities.


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A 9:1 softscape-to-hardscape ratio,including 10,000 sq.meter of opengrasslands with native plantings and 3,500 sq.meter of lakes contributes to this new ecosystem,making this site feel natural. The park’s design is intentionally concave tofacilitate storm water management on site, allowing rain water to collectthrough designated waterways, thus contributing to ecological and environmental protection initiatives.

Wetlands and raingardens allow the park to collect storm water from the surrounding area into aretention pond where it is filtered of pollutants. These features definesustainable development as a central achievement of the project. The park andtrail design provides a clear example of natural processes in an urban setting.Bio-swales, rain gardens, preserved exiting trees, restored habitat, trails and plazas were all carefully sited for maximum function, but can be easilyassessed or observed by community residents, stepping stones and bridges.

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Gu’an Central Park features an expansive exercise loop that combines a leisurely walking pathadjacent to a designated running track.The multi-experience jogging path features a CultureRun, Shade Run, SunshineRun, and Flower Run. These different themed experiences merge as one and maketheir way around the park.

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The educational aspect of the park was approached by creating a large 30,000 m2 arboretumcentered at Cherry Blossom Lake, providing environmental education forvisitors. Groves of trees, ground covers, andaquatic plants combine to create a lively and engaging display of the park'shabitat and natural environment. Graphic illustrations of the on-site stormwater management practices are displayed to inform visitors of the importanceof sustainable design within an urban setting. Interactive and inventive playspaces for children also contribute to the educational aspect of the park aswell as encourage physical activity.

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